About us

Diverse Matters is a diversity and inclusion consultancy that works with organisations within the UK and globally to embed diversity and inclusion within their practices.  We use a tailored approach to ensure that the services required meets the specific needs of the organisation and is fit for purpose as 'one size does not fit all'.  

Our mission and values

Our mission is to authentically, and with purpose, support organisations to enhance their inclusion, equity and inclusive practice.  We do this with passion, honesty, without bias. with a positive attitude.

Diverse Matters values are important to us, as an organisation we are:

  • Authentic
  • Inclusive
  • Creative
  • Honest

Our services

We offer a range of solutions including our diversity and inclusion audit, training, policy review, toolkit and guidance development, mystery shopping, coaching and mentoring, thought leadership events, diversity and inclusion seminars and positive action programmes.

We also look at the wider diversity issues with a strong focus on service delivery and meeting the diverse needs of service users in addition to areas affecting our communities including hate crime, and community cohesion. In addition to specific areas regarding children and young people including safeguarding and child sexual exploitation.

The Diverse Matters team have several years’ experience and expertise in working within the diversity and inclusion field.

We provide our services in an engaging and supportive way ensuring that all activities/offerings have a positive impact and ensures results for our clients!

We have a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion and work with our partners to provide support to fully embed an inclusive workplace including coaching, mentoring, personal development programmes, Mindfulness and more.

Diverse Matters will support you at whatever stage in your journey in enhancing Diversity and Inclusion practice.   Whether you would like to enhance the skills of your teams, develop your Inclusion strategy or meet the needs of your diverse clients we use a bespoke and tailored approach to ensure that the approach works for you.

Our Clients

Diverse Matters work with a variety of organisations from across the public, private and voluntary sectors within the UK and globally. This includes Housing, Public Sector, Criminal Justice, Education, Health, financial sector, legal, professional services, design, energy, construction, the Arts, marketing/PR and retail. 

If you would like to find out more about Consultancy, please contact us on 02475 101500