Diversity and Inclusion audit

We know that sometimes it’s difficult for organisations to know where to start when it comes to addressing diversity and inclusion

It also may be that you are at a point where you have carried out several diversity and Inclusion activities and aren’t sure of your next steps or you need support to  ensure diversity and inclusion is embedded within all your functions and practices.

This is where the audit can help you. The Diversity Matters audit supports you to:

  • Identify your Diversity and Inclusion priorities

  • Understand and plan your next steps

  • Identify gaps

  • Highlight best practice

  • Ensure the organisation is compliant with equality legislation 

  • Improve and progress

The audit reviews functions and practices within your organisation including policies/procedures, recruitment and selection, monitoring, engagement, supplier diversity, leadership responsibilities and other areas.

Embedding diversity and inclusion within the core functions of the organisations ensures that you perform better, enhance staff/volunteer retention, meet equality legislation and address the needs of service users/clients more effectively.  The audit gives you clear guidance on good practice, areas for development and enables you to meet your organisational aims and objectives.

Audit options

  • Desktop Audit – review documentation, current diversity and inclusion activities in place.
  • Mini Audit – review documentation, internal processes, external activity, organisational culture, current diversity and inclusion activities in place.
  • Full Audit – more detailed review or documentation and processes and interviews, surveys and research, review of current diversity and inclusion activities in place.

Following the audit, you will be provided with a report which will outline areas of good practice, areas for development, key priorities and recommendations to enhance current practice.

There is also an opportunity for Diverse Matters to support you in developing an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy that fits with your organisational strategy, objectives and business plan.

Diverse Matters can also support  organisations with external audits and accreditations including the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, Business Disability Forum - Disability Standard, Disability Confidence Scheme and those focused on other protected characteristics.