Diversity and inclusion training

We design and deliver tailored specialist equality and diversity training courses for staff and volunteers at all levels, in all sectors and across all strands of diversity.  


Diversity and Inclusion training helps to:

  • Enhance awareness and understanding of the value of an inclusive workforce/meeting the needs of diverse service users and clients
  • Enhanced engagement of staff and volunteer teams.
  • Enhance knowledge of good diversity and inclusion practice in the workplace.
  • Ensure staff/managers are meeting your legal obligations.
  • Improve outcomes as an organisation.

The below course topics is not an exhaustive list but gives you an overview of the type of courses we deliver.  Training is bespoke and training is ‘tailor made’ and we can adapt the training to meet your needs.

If you have any queries regarding courses that are not listed below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Diversity and Inclusion for Managers/Managing Diverse teams
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender + (LGBT+) awareness
  • Mental health awareness
  • Managing mental health in the workplace
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
  • Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness
  • Disability inclusion (including addressing specific disabilities/neurodiversity if required)
  • Growth Mindset
  • Gender equality
  • Sex, gender and intersectionality
  • Setting up and supporting employee network groups
  • Equality analysis/equality impact assessments
  • Dignity at Work
  • Inclusion/diversity champions
  • Managing diverse teams
  • Cultural awareness
  • Sexual harassment
  • Bystander intervention/Active Allyship
  • Allyship - being an active ally
  • The Equality Act
  • Inclusive language
  • Accessible and Inclusive communications
  • Creating an Inclusive environment/healthy culture
  • Microbehaviours


  • Race inclusion/race awareness/anti-racist practice
  • Race inclusion/anti racist practice for leaders/trustees/senior management
  • Race and mental health/Race and Wellbeing
  • Black, Asian and racially minoritised communities affected by domestic abuse 
  • Setting up Race networks
  • Supporting Black, Asian and racially minoritised employees in the workplace

Community cohesion

  • Community engagement
  • Hate crime/impact of crime
  • Radicalisation, recruitment and Prevent/Terrorism and extremism

Inclusive recruitment

  • Inclusive recruitment practice
  • Recruiting diverse teams (employees and/or volunteers)

Children/young people

  • Safeguarding
  • Child sexual exploitation (CSE)
  • Mentoring (adult/child mentoring and peer mentoring)

Leadership and management

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Leadership Wellness
  • Facilitation
  • Board development
  • Mentoring training
  • Inclusion champion development
  • Coaching skills
  • Conflict management

Service delivery

  • Meeting the needs of diverse service users
  • Effective diversity monitoring
  • Domestic abuse (including specifically addressing LGBT+ domestic abuse, domestic abuse within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities)
  • Sexual abuse/violence
  • Victim impact awareness

Training can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Facilitated – half day and full day options
  • Webinars – a great opportunity to deliver to a wide audience
  • Lunch and Learn sessions
  • Workbooks- a fantastic way to learn at your desk!
  • Action learning sets
  • One to one tutor training
  • Train the trainer
  • Supporting team away days 

Feedback from clients:

Equality impact assessment training

'Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was relaxed, informal and a worthwhile use of time. It would have been easy to focus too much on the form itself and I'm glad we didn't. Pamela clearly had some very useful insights into what we can do and I left the session with a much clearer sense of what I was going to do next. Good use of tech that wasn't overly complicated or engineered'.

Race inclusion training

'Great trainer - very engaging and confident. Really enjoyed the session and would recommend. I will take this learning forward when working with BAME colleagues'.

Race inclusion training

'I just wanted to drop Angela a note to say a massive thank you for today’s session. Three hours flew by. The way the session was structured was incredibly digestible, though provoking  and informative. A great step in listening and learning to the be proactive in my everyday life. Appreciate all the time and effort gone into building the course and enabling frank and honest conversations'.

Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

'The team learnt so much in a short space of time and their concerns and thoughts were heard and talked through by Tash, who was bubbly, thoughtful and knowledgeable throughout. I would recommend Diverse Matters to any team looking to educate themselves about diversity and inclusion and hope to work with Tash again in the future.'

'The energy of the training was really uplifting and brought everything to life. It was really invigorating to have such inclusive, open training and everyone felt open to share. The trainer was really open minded and that helped when people wanted to express themselves but haven't in the past as they felt they were putting it inelegantly, but here you were able to speak up and unpick thoughts in an open forum.'

'I was very impressed how Natasha tailored the content and language to our business including manufacturing, retail'.

Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

Tash recently delivered D&I training to our editorial team as part of our wider learning and development efforts. Tash's session was engaging, sensitive and thought-provoking and allowed the team to ask questions and engage with the content. Tash was welcoming to all and her thoughtful, considered and tailored content and conversation has helped the team to incorporate these lessons into daily reporting. We also left the session with a checklist of longer-term initiatives to work on. 

Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion followed by a SMT Diversity and Inclusion planning session

"Thought provoking and grounding- I thought it was really good and hope that I can get a chance to go on some more training with them"

" Thank-you for letting me be part of the training, it was so worthwhile, and I really got a lot out of it, of both sessions. It's shown us what we can do"

"I thought the session was really good, it enabled us to reflect and identify areas where we can do more. I think it really helped us to understand what EDI means to us - as individuals, a team and as an organisation, it feels like we've taken the first few steps in our journey to becoming more inclusive together"

Creating an Inclusive Organisation

I loved your video on the LSE Understanding Discrimination course.  Your thoughts on building an inclusive organisation were incredibly useful.  I am undertaking the course to stretch out my understanding of discrimination beyond my expertise in the education sector.  Thanks for your contribution to the course.

Introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Donna devised and delivered an enlightening, interactive, and accessible training presentation for the Nara Communications team. Our pre-workshop consultation allowed us to discuss our aims and objectives with Donna, and meant that she could personalise the training to our needs.   Donna’s use of verbal and visual communication skills during the presentation helped our team learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within organisations.