HR advice and support

Diversity and Inclusion solutions often go hand in hand with the need for HR advice and support.

The primary purpose of the HR Function is to enable and foster a healthy work environment that attracts, develop, value and inspires excellence in people (management and employees) to achieve their business objectives. All activities should be ethical and applied with integrity, fairness and transparency. 

We will help you to solve your HR issues and challenges with minimal fuss by providing affordable practical and effective support and information to:

• Understand your rights and responsibilities in the work place
• Make HR policies and processes work for you
• Where appropriate ensure the organisation is held to account to apply HR policies fairly and transparently.

Diverse Matters can provide a range of HR support services including:

  • Reviewing and developing HR/People policies
  • Conducting investigations (related to Equity/Equality/Inclusion)
  • Appraisal and performance management
  • Managing restructures – including ensuring no protected groups/equality groups are disadvantaged as part of the process.
  • Managing conduct issues
  • Dealing with grievances and disciplinary hearings
  • Developing HR strategies:
  • Carrying out an impartial assessment of current or impending employee relations action or processes
  • Providing tactical advice and support to avoid formal conflict management processes
  • Providing information and guidance to negotiate and achieve positive conflict management resolution

The above provides an outline of services we can provide.  If the service you require is not on the above list don’t hesitate to contact us.