Diversity research and analysis

As an organisation wanting to embed Diversity and Inclusion practice effectively, research and analysis can support business growth and development.  

Results from diversity and inclusion research and analysis will enable you to use the data to inform and enhance current practice. We can support you in a range of areas including:

  • Researching and providing good practice information regarding in the specific sector/area of work.
  • Research and engagement regarding under representation in accessing of services/service delivery or teams
  • Gender pay gap/Race pay gap reporting
  • Monitoring and analysing demographic data.
  • Development of Diversity and inclusion surveys for internal or external purposes eg staff/volunteer engagement, partners.
  • Mystery shopping to assess how you are perceived/supporting your service users/clients.
  • Focus groups to gain views/feedback from Stakeholders. 


‘Companies that embrace diversity and promote an environment of inclusivity see higher performance, more innovation and higher employee satisfaction ratings. However, diversity cannot be painted with a broad stroke. Research into an organisation’s audience, both internally and externally, may yield different needs. Therefore, it is important that research be customised to an organisation’s specific needs.”

Rosita Thomas, Ph.D., Research Director