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DM Weekly Digest 12/04/2024

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Rise in school sexism down to phones

Sexism is on the rise in schools because of harmful content on children's phones, according to the National Education Union's (NEU) general secretary. find out more here


Sexism 'worse than ever' at GMB as staff in North East threaten to strike

Four years ago a damning report sent shockwaves through the GMB, one of Britain's biggest trade unions, when it branded the organisation "institutionally sexist". Find out more here


Interested in finding out more about sexism and sexual harassment?

Our one hour lunch and learn ''Sexual Harassment Awareness'' aims to raise awareness regarding sexual harassment prevention awareness, educate employees about their rights and responsibilities, and foster a safe and respectful workplace environment. Find out more here


Scotland's new Hate Crime Laws

The new legislation, which was passed by MSPs in 2021 but only came into force in April 2024, makes it an offence to “stir up hatred” against protected groups such as transgender people, the disabled and the elderly. The 8,000 reports of hate crime in just the first week surpassed the total annual number of hate crimes in any previous year. Find out more here.


Trans children in England worse off now than four years ago, says psychologist

Gender specialist says young people ‘paying the biggest price’ in wake of Cass report, with service ‘going backwards. Find out more here